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For merchants who brave the storm

Sell online and in-store with speed and efficiency using the world's best selling platform.

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Welcome aboard

Navigate online and in-store sales

Meet Tuplo Navigator, the dedicated desktop app that makes day-to-day sales management a joy. Break out of the browser and experience the difference.

Online sales

Manage products, customers and orders with next level speed and power. Utilize advanced tools to keep your product offerings fresh and your customers happy.

In-store sales

Sellers with physical stores can bring everything under one roof, optimizing in-store sales while seamlessly leverage existing inventory to expand online sales.

Unified Interface

Whether you sell online, in-store or both you have the freedom and flexibility to execute your sales strategy any way you want and Tuplo Navigator can handle it all.

Full steam ahead

Built for Speed

Successful websites have to be fast and that's why all Tuplo servers utilize premium hardware and lightning fast software that's optimized for great e-commerce performance. The result is blazingly fast response times and excellent page speed scores. Server load is constantly monitored to ensure maximum throughput for each store and dedicated hosting is available upon request.

SSD Drives. Lightning fast SSD drives maximize read and write operations.
Fast Processors & RAM. High-end CPUs and plenty of high-speed RAM guarantee great performance.
Litespeed Web Server. Thanks to fast caching and excellent security, Litspeed keeps every site running smooth.
2048-bit TLS/SSL Encryption. Industry leading encryption keeps all transmitted data safe, secure and private.
PHP & MySQL. Industry leading technologies that are tuned for great sales throughput.

Chart your course

Go from start to finish faster

Effortlessly manage products, customers and orders with next level speed and efficiency with a dedicated sales tool.

Built for Mac. Tuplo Navigator is built to run on Apple's latest hardware (Apple Silicon and Intel) and speeds through day to day sales management tasks with ease.
Logical tasks. Application windows encapsulate concise logical tasks allowing you to see and do more at once. No more click, back click, click to get at what you want.
Native speed. Complex calculations like image transforms and large dataset modifications happen natively in-app, reducing server load and speeding up every click.
Built-in security. Because customer, order and product management happens in app instead of a browser, you're less susceptible to potential hacks and exploits.
Streamlined interface. Familiar native controls and system behavior get you to the tools and information you're after in a quick and consistent manner with less hassle.
Hosting agnostic. With the industry favorite LAMP stack, Tuplo can run almost anywhere from our lightning fast shared plans to dedicated servers you manage yourself.

Throw off the bowlines

Launch simple or extend and customize

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned online juggernaut, your options are limitless. Go live after uploading your logo or let your developers tweak css, create new framework classes or access your store's API to customize further.

Start simple

Setup your initial site with a few easy clicks knowing you always have the ability to customize and extend it however you choose.

Developer friendly

Customize anything to make exactly the solution you need. Customize CSS, access a robust API or create/override PHP classes.

SEO bliss

SEO isn't what it used to be, it's constantly evolving. We stay on top of the latest changes to ensure your site is always up-to-speed.

We ❤️ Developers

We know agencies and developers need the ability to customize their client's websites. That's why we offer a variety of access points for tuning and modification. From simple dashboard and CSS tweaks to in-depth custom classes and API access – you're always in control.

CSS your way. Extend or override existing CSS classes or completely restyle an entire site with your own style sheets.
Classes and more. The Tuplo framework is built to be extremely flexible. Define your own classes, override existing functions and add new structure as needed.
API goodness. When you need to connect in-house systems and third party solutions our API lets you select, update and delete database objects wherever and however you choose.
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